For our Collezione degli Enologi, or Winemakers’ Collection, we work with eight of Italy’s most accomplished winemakers, to express both the quality, as well as the unparalleled diversity and depth, of Italian wine.

We ask them to create a wine that they would love to drink themselves, and that represents in the best possible manner the soil, the climate, the vines, the traditions of their Region of choice.

With a preference for grape varieties indigenous to that Region such as Aglianico, Cannonau, Friulano, Nebbiolo, Nero d’Avola, Sangiovese and Verdicchio.

The result is a journey through the Italian wine landscape, from the hills of Friuli and Piedmont, in the shadow of the Alps in the north, through the Marche, Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio, in our country’s incredibly diverse centre, southwards to Campania, and on to the islands of Sardinia and Sicily.


Every SUADELA wine was made by the winemaker either in his/her personal cantina, using grapes from their own vineyards, or in a winery with which they have collaborated for many years (and are therefore intimately familiar with).

Unique to SUADELA, either because of provenance (vineyard parcel) or because of custom blending, and limited to a maximum of 2,000 bottles per wine.

Enologi often remain in the background, quietly working in vineyards and cellars. Our wines were made based on their knowledge, expertise and devotion – applied to celebrate and bring out the best in soil, climate, vines and grape varieties.

By attaching their own name and personal reputation, they are guaranteeing quality.

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