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Giuseppe Caviola

Giuseppe Caviola Barolo Suadela

In his twenties, ‘Beppe’ Caviola began vinifying grapes in his parents’ garage; today he is one of the most respected enologi of his native Piedmont, and a passionate advocate of minimum intervention.

Riccardo cotarella

Riccardo Cotarella Winemaker Suadela

Riccardo Cotarella, President of the Association of Italian Winemakers, quite literally transcends the borders of traditional winemaking. Only for SUADELA he creates blends celebrating the very best fruit of a vintage, in each case from three complementary wine regions – true Rhapsodies in Red.

Gioia Cresti

Gioia Cresti has been nourishing her vineyards with great patience and to organic standards for almost twenty years. Her grandfather planted the first parcels half a century ago, and today she vinifies the best grapes in traditional amphorae.

Lorenzo Landi

Lorenzo Landi Winemaker Suadela

Lorenzo Landi believes the origins of any good wine have to be recognisable in its taste and nose, the ultimate representation of the vineyard.  He is one of the few enologi to have mastered the skill to do this to great acclaim across Italy, in several of the most important wine regions.

Gianni Menotti

Gianni Menotti Winemaker Suadela Friuli

Having travelled extensively around the wine countries of Europe (and beyond) to study vines and soil, Gianni Menotti returned to his home of Friuli. There he makes very special white wines, with grapes like Friulano, Pinot Bianco and Riesling Renano, that are ready to enjoy, but develop for at least 15 years.

Barbara Tamburini

Following her first winemaking awards at the age of just 30, Barbara Tamburini broadened her horizons across Italy, with a particular love of Sicily. Her wines celebrate vineyard provenance and share a well-balanced elegance.

Umberto Trombelli

Umberto Trombelli Winemaker Suadela

Umberto Trombelli sees his role of enologo as that of an ‘expert servant’ to the vineyards and their vines and soil – using his experience to allow them to express themselves to the fullest.

Paolo Vagaggini

A lifetime of studying and love for the Sangiovese, viticulture’s ‘Prince of Tuscany’, is what made Paolo Vagaggini recognised around the world as the authority on this noble grape.