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Barolo DOCG

Label Barolo Beppe Caviola

A particularly good vintage for Barolo. Nebbiolo grapes, their name a reference to nebbia, the white colour present on the grape skin due to the bloom and similar to the fog seen during harvest time. The wine matures for two years in big barrels, then for one year in concrete vats. Bright, deep garnet red… Read more »


Label Rapsodia in Rosso

Unusually, our Rapsodia in Rosso celebrates the best of three of central Italy’s most famous regions. The humble designation ‘Vino d’Italia’ is certainly deceptive, as this wine transcends any single region and denomination. Riccardo Cotarella, President of both the Italian and the Global associations of winemakers, created in his own family winery a blend uniting his… Read more »


Label Cannonau di Sardegna

Cannonau grapes, close relatives of Grenache, which flourish in hot, dry conditions. Cultivated on a sandy soil in the hilly area of Oliena, in the central-eastern province of Nuoro on the island of Sardinia – the most prominent for this grape variety. The wine matures for about 18 months in big barrels. Clear and bright… Read more »


Label Friuli Colli Orientali

After damp Spring, very good 2016 Summer weather in Friuli, resulting in exceptional harvest. A blend of Friulano (28%), Pinot Bianco (40%), Sauvignon Blanc (30%) and slightly dried Riesling Renano (2%). All from vines that are 35 – 45 years old, grown on the marlstone hills of Friuli, near the Slovenian border. The first three… Read more »


Toscana Label Umberto Trombelli

A deep ruby red wine, made from Merlot (50%) and Sangiovese (50%), both grown in the small but prestigious area of Montepulciano, in the province of Siena (south-east Tuscany). The two grape varieties are vinified separately, ageing two years in tonneaux (500 litres) and a year in big barrels (1,000 litres). Blending is done not… Read more »

Montecucco Sangiovese Riserva DOCG

Label Montecucco Sangiovese Riserva

An outstanding vintage for Tuscany, with very well-balanced wines in terms of aroma, fruit and tannins. Sangiovese grapes, the name from Sanguis Jovis (Jupiter’s blood), grown in the Montecucco area in south-central Tuscany. Aged for 30 months in French oak tonneaux. Deep ruby red colour, particularly brilliant. Typical Sangiovese nose, an intense bouquet of black… Read more »